Grass-Fed Beef


God designed cows to eat grass and Red Devons are efficient at converting grass to beef. Our beef comes from Red Devon and Devon cross steers. It is 100% grass fed and all natural; our animals are not fed any antibiotics or growth hormones. We practice rotational grazing, moving the herd to new pasture every day. The cows receive fresh grass, fresh air, and sunshine.

Contrast that with most beef produced in America where steers are confined on concrete; no fresh grass, and a big smell. The steers in these feedlots are fed a diet very high in grain. This diet causes acidosis and the animals are constantly given low-level antibiotics to keep them alive. How could beef from sick animals be healthy to eat? Grass fed beef is higher in many essential vitamins and nutrients than grain fed beef. It has 500% more CLA, 300% more Vitamin E, 75% more Omega-3, 78% more beta-carotene and 400% more Vitamin A than grain fed beef. Red Devons produce gourmet quality beef on grass.

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