Sheep from Abiding Acres Farm in Delavan Wisconsin

At Abiding Acres Farm we raise Katahdin Hair sheep.  Katahdins produce tasty lamb; the meat from hair sheep is mild in taste compared to the taste of lamb from traditional wool breeds. The reason for the mild taste is related to the hormones that a wool sheep produces with wool growth that a hair sheep does not.

We raise our sheep all naturally on grass with no antibiotics or hormones.  Our sheep are 100% grass fed.  In the summer, we practice rotational grazing, moving the sheep once each day to fresh pasture.  In the winter the sheep are fed hay.  Grass fed meat is low in saturated fat, high in CLA, and high in vitamins and minerals.

Lambs are butchered at about 6-8 months old.  The lamb is available as whole lamb, half lamb or by the cut.  Contact us for more information and to place your order.

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