Poultry & Eggs

poultry from abiding acres farm in delavan wisconsin

We have many customers comment that our poultry products taste so much better than what they are used to. The difference comes from the grass and bugs that our turkeys, chickens and ducks consume in addition to Organic feed. We do not give any antibiotics or hormones.

The turkeys are raised in the brooder until they are large enough to survive outside (about 4 weeks old). Once out on pasture, turkeys consume a high portion of their diet in grass and bugs. Turkeys take about four months to grow from a poult (day-old baby turkey) until they are ready for Thanksgiving dinner.

Meat chickens are raised in portable chicken shelters that we move 1 to 2 times each day to give access to fresh pasture. It takes about 11 weeks to raise a chick to a 5-6 lb. dressed chicken. One caution with our chickens; if you try one you will never want to eat a store-bought chicken again.

Our laying hens are free range; following 3 days behind the cattle as part of our pasture sanitation and cattle health program. The eggs from these birds have dark orange yolks that stand up in the white.

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